Whatever Everyone Isn't Really Doing

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The acronym is W.E.I.R.D if you couldn't tell.

I had a nice healthy Facebook conversation with some old school mates, from the school I thought nothing but idiots roamed. I knew there were smart kids, but I didn't absorb any friends there, I just hated everything for one school year and graduated.

We were talking about the lack of unoriginality and such, and the decline in morals today.

A point was brought up. Roughly: People who think for themselves get looked at as weird.

Falling into the idea of the secret plot of The One World, where we all follow the same laws, and such, I think this era is seeing the beginning of that. It's hitting our people hard in the music. With the ideas of "swag" and "Barbie" running rampant, I stand with a select few outside of that.

Through a person that I'm speaking to, I've learned to accept myself for the monster I am, and I want to show it to the world.

Man...I'm thrashed, I can't even complete this thought........fuck it for now.

--midas wasted a post.--

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Goddess Intellect said...

YOu did not waste a post...DONT think like that!
Everything we say or do has a meaning.
I feel you on this one, and I was thinkign the same thing the other day...like damn...I be getting a lot of raised eyebrows lately..yet it attracts more ppl to me..so I'm a continue.
Its a blessing to be able to think and do for yourself..in some circles they call it being a leader.

Midas Welle said...

Haha, thank you. At the time I could not focus on it, and it didn't really mean much, but it means something now. Thank you!

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