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I was born in 1990. I lived a nice lil' life until 2002....or 03. Whenever Obie Trice did that song with Nate Dogg. That was the first time I ever heard word of a clothing company, you may have heard of it: Louis Vuitton.
(Louis Vuitton: Damier bag...)

I guess I don't really relate to rappers who constantly rap about the high end fashion lines because I can't afford them. The more and more I hear these cats spit about it, the more I see it.........I've seen my fair share of knock offs though. I've heard some sick lyrics regarding Damier.........the worst goes to Big Sean from Chip Tha Ripper's "Fat Raps". "Damier print got me lookin' like a chessboard." Jeezy just took the cake yesterday with "I'm the type to boast, I'm the type to brag. I'm the type of nigga to play chess on his bag."

 (Goyard luggage)

The ONLY rapper I've ever heard mention Goyard is Lupe's quite expensive.....I didn't know Lupe was caking like that. I saw one of these shits going for 2-3G's................right.


I think this is the Crystal...excuse me, Rose....of the clothing world.....Black people eat this shit up. There's a Gucci Man, and alluva sudden people wanna get their green and red on before Christmas......I mean, that was a blind following, folks, "I don't even like Gucci.".............The first time I ever caught word of this company was Mannie Fresh on "Still Fly" when he recycled the ever so famous lyric, "Lookin' at my Gucci, it's about that time."

(Ralph Laren Polo shirt)

I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar that 85% of the people who buy these shirts do not know that Polo is a sport....I'm willing to bet 100% of that 85% don't know that I dream to play Polo on a giraffe one day....thank LRG. Collared shirts didn't really seem to be cool amongst my contemporaries until.....I'd say around Jay-Z's Black Album/Kingdom Come era. ***Fun Fact***: It's apparently custom for natives of Cleveland, Ohio to wear polos with urban outfitter denim.....I'd thank Chip Tha Ripper for that one.....the only cat I know who raps about polos.

(Yves-Saint Laurent)

Best known as YSL. The ONLY reason I know of them is because of Raekwon who mentions them more often than not, and NaS who said, "I'm fly in YSL, I'm paid from this shit. Got bitches high as hell and they fuckin' like AIDS don't exist."

Okay, so that was a small rundown of  the most frequently mentioned clothing lines on the planet......they weren't that popular to my generation of rappers until the late 90s to early 00' when did these bitches originate?
  1. Louis Vuitton-- 1854
  2. Goyard-- 1853
  3. Gucci-- 1921
  4. Polo Ralph Lauren-- 1967
  5. YSL-- 1962
Geez Louise.....and they speak on this shit like it's brand spankin' new....

.....and if you don't know, now you know......

--midas would make an excellent teacher--

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