A Million & 1 ?'$

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A million....a million.


Your boy is tryna make some moves. Bigger steps are being taken. I was on Da Dopeness. That was cool. Got plugged like a household appliance.

I follow two blogs by some super cool women. The Single Dame and Goddess Intellect.

The fact that anybody on the world wide web gives a shit about the music is super ill to me.

Anyway, I got interviewed on Goddess Intellect, I felt like I was in a magazine. You ought to read it.

In case "read it" doesn't register to you as a link to the interview, here is the link:


I'm happy.

It appears to me the message of the mixtape was interpreted in all the right ways in the Goddess' ears. She understood "The One He Auto Tuned" was a joke, and she followed the story of "The One That Went Nowhere"....that's cool as hell so many people like that song.

I had thoughts of retiring from the game this year....actually since 09...after "Suck My Swag", "Baby Batter", and all the other cooky shit rappers are doing in my city....you know what? I'm just gonna keep doing it.

She said I had "subtle sex appeal"..which is better than none I suppose...I didn't think I had any...especially when it comes to the music....shit...

I just gotta keep reppin' my city and put us on top!!!!

Next stop, the top....okay, maybe not immediately....

I wish Nottingham and 2Dopeboyz would read their emails....simp's.....

Haha, shout out to Third World Records, shout out to everybody doing their own things, shout out to 2MG...whether y'all let me on the team or not, I fucks with y'all....

Uh............shit.....I dunno....I gave Les Miserables another listen...I'm feeling good about it...it's tight, with or without the corny club bangers on it...."I do this shit for work, I do this shit for fun. I don't dream of C-Notes, I dream of music ones."....plus I got the "okay" from my Sensei, Seth Boogie, on a lot of the songs I let him hear from it. Now, NOBODY can stop me!

I won't stop until I'm on every working iPod on the planet with more plays than your favorite band, you feel that?

--midas is on extra grind--

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Anonymous said...

That was cute @ "She said I had "subtle sex appeal"..which is better than none I suppose...I didn't think I had any...especially when it comes to the music....shit..."

But I enjoyed the piece my blog homie did on you. I enjoy the music as well..never give up!!!

Midas Welle said...

Man, I'm late as hell, but I shan't give up.

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