'Bouta Squash It

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I've been watching Youtube like it's TV, cuz everybody has an opinion, and I'm seeing how other people see it.

Mainly rap music shit.

The biggest issue the Hip-Hop culture has been dealing with, "Is Hip-Hop dead?" and if so, who killed it?

Hip-Hop ain't dead, it just grew, matured, changed.....one thing for sure, if you cryogenically froze a nigga from the 80s/90s and woke him up today, he'll definitely know Kurtis Blow and Cool Moe Dee ain't the shit anymore.

I think where a lot of young'ns who claim they know Hip-Hop often confuse Rap with Hip-Hop.....Hip-Hop exists in a chosen few, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Common(minus Universal Mind Control), and a few others.

A lot of what's going on is Rap. Hip-Hop is when you're delivering a message, with ill rhythm, and making the beat sound as if NOBODY else can rap on the beat after you....Rap is exactly what the name states, RAP.....in the 90s they used to say, "Let's rap"...as in, "Let's talk".....that's what Rap is: talking...sometimes shouting...regardless, Hip-Hop and Rap are not the same.

Youtube niggas really hate Lil Wayne. I feel they don't listen to what he's saying. He is indeed a good rapper, but I can't call him the best.

People said Soulja Boy killed Hip-Hop...no, he doesn't do Hip-Hop...he does Rap/Pop/What's-Labeled-R&B-Today......

Do you wanna know what killed Hip-Hop if we're in agreement it's dead?.....The niggas who were about true Hip-Hop stopped fucking with it, because they started worried about the niggas who did Rap and were making money off of it.

Hip-Hop was NEVER about money, but Rap is........if you stayed true to Hip-Hop, the money will come regardless....but the second you start just rapping, it's over....it's not your game, you can't last, you don't know the rules....

Gucci Mane ain't kill it, Waka ain't kill it, Soulja, Juiceman, Wayne, all the radio all-stars, their hands are clean....it's the niggas who lost faith in it who did it, and instead of manning up to it, they blame somebody else.....that's low......

--midas is about to fly out--

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