Shit I'll NEVER Get

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Les Miserables...umm..almost done...just waiting on the guests.

Back to reality. Shit I don't get about muthafuckas. Trip with me.

When chicks get like 500 piercings in their faces...they mention parts of the head I never knew existed...the icing on the cake is the chain from nose to ear.......What's the deal with that? (I'ma beat this topic dead...then for a few weeks afterward)

A lot of people call themselves "freaks"....that's cool and all, but you can't wear the title if you are not. Plain/simple. Peep game, ladies: sucking a dick, catching a nut, licking a ball doesn't quite qualify....that's regular shit. If you are a true "freak", then we're crossing borders a lot of us aren't willing to cross....the kid is talking whips, chains, candlewax and all that out there, out there shit. You's no freak, you're just readier/willinger than the average person.

The funniest thing about's Myspace now....the gimmick behind Facebook used to be about only adding folks you know, but after the epidemic of quizzes and fan pages..people have gained the knowledge of intelligent life outside of their workplaces and schools and you can add all the pretty girls you want, JUST LIKE they add you...and you see their ridiculous you take it upon yourself to comment on them....then they get pissed when you make an ass out of them on their pages......the other shit: when the chicks add a billion three-fourths naked pictures, and get upset when you talk about them......

(Everybody's Doing It...the theme of the next one)
Seems to me, everybody's fucking everybody, and sex doesn't mean shit anymore. Didn't it used to be a thing you had to lower the blinds, and lock the doors and windows for? It's on TV, it's on the radio, it's e'rywhere. The "lady" doesn't seem to exist...the woman who will tell you it's her we got "bad bitches", "Barbie bitches", "pussy-wider-than-a-wide-mouth-bass-bitches".......

I updated the 'Book the other day, said: "A lot of these women don't know they're sitting on a goldmine...but give it away to any cat with a goldenrod and it'll be worth less than a chocolate coin in no time." Understand that, the va-jay-jay is gold, the goldenrod is [censored] and by giving the shit out, I wouldn't give you gold foil for that shit....I drop some shit like that, bitches ain't tryna hear it.

Life just ain't fun to me can't do what you wanna do it when you wanna do it....people do dumb shit and it's cool, and if you don't like that cool shit, nobody likes you.......

Until next time, I'm popping Ambiens like there's no tomorrow to make the dream come true...does that makes sense?

If not....

--midas is like a diamond in the rough....dig?--

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