Slideshow Rhymes, Heaux

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I've picked up a new thing to do....well, not new to the world, but new to me. This thing.

You know, on Youtube when they put a slideshow to a song?

I do that too now. It's fun.

I've gone over two Young Money beats so far. Drake's "Over" and Young Money's "Roger That".

Czech me out!

I tagged a bunch of my "famous" friends in the Over video....of course they haven't viewed it. "Stardom" is like one listen close, yet so far away......haha.

I'm not stuntin' it though........when they finally discover what the fuck I've been up to all this time, they'll say, "He's got dedication...he's got the gift....he's the G.O.A.T."................okay, I don't really expect them to say that, who them is, but that would be cool, huh?

ROUND2 with the guitar strings.

It's not like I purposefully go to places and buy pink things.....these are the only ones Best Buy EVER has. the strings aren't pink though, that would be cool on the black guitar though.....

Every once in a while I like to toot my own horn....the things I say on these beats. My favorite lines from myself thus far in 2010.
"Though, they told him to just wait. This take is open and shut case. Make a Y-incision with a crank, get your guts yanked."--Midas Welle Over "Over"..............referring to murder, and an autopsy.

"I'll call them cats who touch more arms than Speed Sticks. No street Gyp's, no cheap tricks, no cards in a deck. This is the USO Show and admission is an arm and a leg."--Mountain ft. Ace Boogie and Skeem Da General............Arms as in guns, Gypsies, dudes who switch around the three cards, and how much it costs to come our shows.

"I relate to your pain like when you stub your tiny toe, that's why I'm encouraging you to strike like a lightening bolt." Everybody's Song ft. Shaun Fauste...........If a person doesn't get this, I QUIT!!!

"I'm sorry, cuz I'm mad bad and I keep hittin' 'em. Arousing more interest than a bag of green M&M's."--Godfather Rap.........Acting like a little kid and green M&M's are apparently an aphrodisiac...get it, AROUSE?
--midas doesn't think you're ready...that's fine......I ain't got nothing but time--

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