Czechin' In

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I began working on The Wettening 2: Man On Neptune this week. 7 tracks done.....It's definitely about the lyrics on this one......I may even start The Wettening 3......which doesn't have a goofy name on it yet. Remember The Blueprint 3-esque cover?

I haven't been myself. To compensate, I've been preoccupying my brain with talking words onto beats. It works for about that much time before it's back to the shit bag that is my life. Haha, shit bag.

I'm thinking of just getting a big ol' bagga t'weeds, blowing bowls back, back to back, black, and recording my ass off. I want this to happen. I want all the cool percs of rapping, I'm not gonna I have to establish a thing...a quality AND quantity thing...I want a giant discography of def ass songs...maybe some more Fiji for my mini fridge....but I'm going to work this week. Fuck it.

I'm about to be your "Favorite Rapper's Favorite Rapper's Favorite Rapper"....and producer.......yeah.

Keep on keepin' on....

--midas is cool, but he ain't--

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