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I feel I gotta reiterate to myself how talented Third World is.....

I feel I gotta reiterate to myself how talented Midas Welle is....

What is he cooking up?

(Les Miserables) It's basically's in the final stages, with editing, and mixing, and leveling and thinking of when I wanna put it out.

(The Wettening 2: Man on Neptune) I got 7 tracks for this one so far...remember, nothing but beats by The Neptunes.

(The Wettening 3: The Spear Mint) "The Experiment"...rapping on beats that are considered "bubblegum". I have 7.5 tracks for this one.

(The Wettening 4:Shadow) Foreshadow...I'm not necessarily foreshadowing anything..I got 2 for this one, so far it's 'Pac beats...I may go a darker route on this one. Using a bunch of old skool beats for it....

I don't want people to focus on the quantity of music I have, but the quality in each and every little project...I'm giving you something different on each project. I'm tryna flex diversity. A lot of the songs I've been making, I can put on repeat for hours at a time...YES......ONE song, I can listen to for hours. I feel if I can do that, I can impact the musical tastes of a lot of people, all it takes is the right people to listen and spread the word. 

I'm not gonna lie, I'm STILL feeling The Wettening: Battlelion, even though it feels like it's been years since I made it. I promise Les Miserables will never get old. The Wettening 2 is my least favorite of the series only because of how personal I'm attempting to get with it, it was just the times...I'm still gonna bang it out.....The Spear Mint will make you laugh your ass off.....but 4, I'm on some str8 gangsta shit with that.

Stay tuned, we're going to the top.

--midas is building it--

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