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Ever since Third World Records came into existence, every original all-star was to release a solo effort...but time was running out before the age of 18 and college, so me, Skeem, Fauste and Ace joined forces to create Hip-Hop supergroup, M.T. Slaughterhouse...but less violent, and more musical.

Though Skeem and Fauste were in the early stages of their development, my apprentice was Ace Boogie. He was the first to come to my crib and knock out songs with me. He absorbed all of my methods like some kinda sponge, and in late 07...or 08, he began to work on a solo cut......from The Wally West EP, a song was taken, and put on M.I.C(Made In Cincinnati)...Mr.Everything-Ya-Thought....he didn't even get to rap on it...sadly..........but that proves he had what it took to create his own project and have people enjoy it.......I asked to review this by the way...........

"Get Mine"...produced by Ace Boogie. This is the intro, utilizing a sample by Curtis Mayfield "Give Me Your Love." I know that, cuz I made a beat out of the same song. It's a smooth introduction into the mind of Ace Boogie, clad with all his usual subject matter, weed, having sex with your significant other, with minimal tongue twisting(which he is famous for)....I rather enjoy the segments where he has conversations with a slowed down voice, which is to represent the man who's woman gets slutted out by Third World...and the part where a sped up voice is to represent a female fan who is paying him compliments...highly creative...I'd do the same shit if I could figure out how to fuck with tempo on vocals in Cubase.

"Til The A.M" ft. M.O Hour...produced by Papa Smurf. This joint is a nice pure emcee joint. Just pure spitting. Nothing spectacular, but the lyrics are good. Listen!

"Semi-Ballin'"...produced by Papa Smurf. I was to use the beat to this joint for F,000,L'$ G0LD, which I canceled. This is the single. It is an honest take on being happy with not rocking brand name clothing, maintaining, and being cool regardless. It's a good song, but honestly, I'm tired of hearing it....but that doesn't take away from how good it is.

"Single Night" ft. Average Joe...produced by Ace Boogie. A smooth, laid back song. Ace begins to flex more word play and begins to touch on the tongue twisting he does. Average Joe drops one of the best verses I've heard from him thus far, he sounds like reverse though.

"On The MIC" ft. Skeem Da General and Midas Welle...produced by Ace Boogie. This is a really old beat...and the hook is on some false advertisement shit..."It's two muthafuckas gettin' down on the mic." One of my favorites...NO, not because I'm on it, but because overall, it's a really good song. Skeem sounds worried when the beat goes bump, bump, bump, bump, haha, no offense.

"Str-A Rhymes"...produced by Ace Boogie. This is where Ace begins to settle into the album, and brings more potent word play, no chorus. Just straight rhymes.

"Hawt Steyeles" ft. Shaun Fauste and Midas Welle....produced by Ace Boogie. Shaun goes hard, Ace flips the script like a muthafucka...and I was just there. VERY nice song....the first two verses anyway.

"Problems"...produced by Ace Boogie. Mellowing out the tone of the album, but this is some real nigga shit right here. Straight want reality? It's right here.

"Middlelude"...produced by Ace Boogie. This is an interlude, where he does a good deed and shouts out his Third World brethren, and names our projects...if he knew how much I was working on, it would be a lot longer.

"Dream" ft. Midas Welle...produced by Ace Boogie. A song about the desire to succeed, and get money....the thoughts of your average urban youth. Supa Dupa MuDDy. Very alternative. This song is an acquired taste.

"Climb To The Sky" ft. Shaun Fauste...produced by Midas Welle. I'm proud of how this one turned out. Very musical with Shaun in the intro singing with the sample. Very lyrical, very rhythmic, one of my favorite songs.

"Sooner Or Later" ft. Skeem Da General...produced by Ace Boogie and Midas Welle. We made this beat at Wright State, and we didn't like it initially...obviously that changed. Another song about creepin' on ah come up. Decent.

"Life O' Tha Pah-Tee" ft. Shaun Fauste...produced by Ace Boogie. Another alternative sounding track, but very storytell-ic.

"2 Bottles" ft. Relly Boi and M.O Hour...produced by Ace Boogie and Midas Welle. Very silly, beatwise. I'd call it "Drinkin' On Some Liquor Pt.2"...Relly was sampled on the hook. It's the alcoholic's anthem...if you ain't got 2 bottles in your hand, this ain't yo song.

"Dreamcatcher"...produced by Ace Boogie. Future Gangsta Funk, I think this was the one I introduced the genre to. The theme: rap Freddy far as I can tell. More gritty, more hardcore, more arrogant.

"Requirements" ft. Skeem Da General...produced by Ace Boogie. I was to appear on this, but I was in a rut at the time....regardless, it's a good song..I like how it turned out. I'm sampled on the hook, "You're in need of those." It reflects on the history of our band and its dopeness, telling how our music releases were premature, but hot nonetheless.

"Chasing Payment"...produced by Midas Welle. I was damn near infuriated when I caught this song on the album....EVERYBODY on the label has been waiting to spit on this song....but I like how it came out get the g-pass on this one.....but I MIGHT "Drought" it.......I don't know....I gotta let it grow on me a little bit.

"Effortless" ft. Midas Welle...produced by Lowell Bateman. Talking shit about how ill we are...not giving a fuck for how these other niggas feel. Another of my favorites.

Okay, so which ones do I recommend if the album doesn't make you listen to it all?
  • Get Mine
  • Semi Ballin'
  • Til The AM
  • On The MIC
  • Hawt Steyeles
  • Problems
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Requirements
  • Chasing Payment
  • Effortless
On a scale out of 100%, taking it back to St.X..............I reward So Low has something for everybody...sounds a little rough....very entertaining.....very diverse selection of beats....the features hold their own...and overall, a very chill tone....I can imagine going to his crib it will be the only thing in the airwaves.

In other news, I might have another project dropping, produced by Papa Smurf.

I have two songs thus far....not bad.

--midas is still kinda bitter about how Ace used his verse for "Every Man 4 Himself" on "Dreamcatcher"--

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