Solo, So Low, We Can't Hear You

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This is one of the last heavily anticipated projects from Third World Records. It's been a VERY long time coming, but Ace Boogie finally did it. Let's skim it.

  1. Get Mine
  2. Til The A.M ft. M.O Hour(produced by Papa Smurf..I think)
  3. Semi-Ballin'(produced by Papa Smurf)
  4.  Single Night ft. Average Joe
  5. On The MIC ft. Skeem Da General  and Midas Welle
  6. Str-A Rhymes(produced by Papa Smurf)
  7. Hawt Steyeles ft. Shaun Fauste and Midas Welle
  8. Problems
  9. Middlelude
  10. Dream ft. Midas Welle
  11. Climb To The Sky ft. Shaun Fauste(produced by Midas Welle)
  12. Sooner Or Later ft. Skeem Da General(produced by Ace & Midas)
  13. Life O' Tha Pah-Tee ft. Shaun Fauste
  14. 2 Bottles ft. M.O Hour(produced by Ace & Midas)
  15. Dreamcatcher
  16. Requirements ft. Skeem Da General
  17. Chasing Pavements(produced by Midas Welle)
  18. Effortless ft. Midas Welle(produced by Lowell...I don't know his moniker)
**All songs produced by Ace Boogie himself, unless stated otherwise...and it does.

Very good project. Now we're awaiting a time to get Average Joe to make something.

If you forgot, GET IT!!!

--midas doesn't know--

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